Bione Gut Microbiome Test

The Gut Microbiome Test, gives insights into how good or bad gut health is. It helps identify inflammation causing foods leading to chronic diseases, understand what foods to eat, experience improved digestion and clearer skin. Sample required: Stool Test Mode: At Home Turn Around Time: 3-4 Weeks

Do you know how your genetics can impact your strength and endurance?Is your energy level during workout matching your fitness goals?

Get a Gut Audit. Defy Disease and Ageing.

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25,000+ genes scanned and 415+ parameters reported

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Find exactly which food and supplements work for your body with a gut microbiome test Don’t guess, just

We use AI-powered insights combined with advanced analytic techniques to help you improve your gut microbiome. Boost your gut health by identifying the precise food and supplements you need to function optimally.

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DNA decoding and most advanced AI based analysis

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Living with diabetes for the past 13 years has not been easy. I tried everything and my blood sugar levels remained stubbornly high. In just 3 months of taking the test and reducing inflammatory foods, my Hb1 ac levels went down to less than 6%. I can’t wait for the diabetes to reverse completely in the next 6 months.